About Us


We’re a casual fine dining restaurant that serves edgy and sophisticated Japanese-inspired foods.  Our heritage is Japanese, yes.  However, we like to take a more contemporary approach.  We build upon our roots.  And, at times, we may be in opposition to the “authentic” views of what Japanese food is and is not.  We are not afraid of breaking rules or boundaries.  And, so, we are New Wave Japanese.


Chef Kohei Matsuyama (left) & Michiko Takahashi (right)
Chef Kohei Matsuyama & Michiko Takahashi: The Powerhouse Duo

The duo, behind the much loved Kon-nichi-wa restaurant on Baldwin Street, have teamed up with Squid-Ti to create THE SHOZAN ROOM.  All three are restaurant veterans and are no strangers to the industry.

Chef Matsuyama has over 35 years experience working at high-end Japanese restaurants in both Toronto and Japan.  His specialty is in the art of Edo Kaiseki cuisine: the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine.  Prior to co-owning Kon-nichi-wa, Chef Matsuyama worked as Sous Chef at the top-rated Katsura Japanese Restaurant at the Westin Prince Hotel in Toronto.  And, for 15 years, he worked at the Takanawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo, Japan meticulously preparing highly specialized, multi-course dishes.

Michiko Takahashi also has extensive experience in the restaurant industry.  Prior to co-owning Kon-nichi-wa, she worked at high-end Japanese restaurants in Toronto (Katsura/Westin Prince Hotel), Ottawa (Yakitori House), and Japan.

Co-owner/CEO Squid-Ti
Squid-Ti, CEO

For Squid-Ti, restaurants are in his blood.  He was born into the industry.  Both his parents own (have owned) Japanese restaurants in Canada.  Naturally, Squid-Ti’s first job was working for his late-father.  At the age of twelve, and while his peers slept through the night, Squid-Ti scrubbed charred teppan tables until dawn.  All eleven of them.  He also worked outside the family-owned restaurants and, eventually, became sushi and tempura chef.  Squid-Ti has over 15 years experience in the industry.